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Corsair SF (Original) vs Corsair SF (ATX 3.1)

Corsair has just released a new version of SF series (ATX 3.1) in 2024. The new models are using the exact same name as the original ones. Both of them are called Corsair SF750, but they are using different modular ports and require different cables. There is also another series called SF-L, with a similar name.

This article aims to help you confirming which exact Corsair SFX model you are using, so that we can build the suitable cables for you accordingly. Basically, there are 3 types of Corsair SFX power supplies.

When you buy cables for Corsair SF, you need to make sure which type of Corsair SF you are using because they use different cables.

You can buy a set of premium custom cables for your Corsair SF at Professional Tailor Made Custom Sleeved Modular Cable Kit for Corsair, and please specify the "PSU Model" as "Corsair SF (Original) ", "Corsair SF (ATX 3.1)", or "Corsair SF-L (ATX 3.1)".

Custom 12VHPWR cable for Corsair Type-5 is also available at ATX 3.0 12VHPWR 8 Pin to 16 Pin Type 5 Power Cable for Corsair RMx SHIFT.

Corsair SF (Original)

SKU: CP-9020186

The original Corsair SF750 (ATX 2.4 spec) uses regular Corsair Type-4 cables. (Product page at Type-4 cables are using regular size power connectors with 4.2mm pitch.

Corsair SF (Original)

Corsair SF (ATX 3.1)

SKU: CP-9020284/CP-9020256/CP-9020257

The new Corsair SF750/SF850/SF1000 (ATX 3.1 PCIe 5.1 spec) uses new Corsair Type-5 cables. (Product page at Type-5 cables are using mini size power connectors with 3.0mm pitch.

Corsair SF (ATX 3.1)

Corsair SF-L (ATX 3.1)

SKU: CP-9020245/CP-9020246

Similar to the new Corsair SF, SF-L is another Corsair series also uses new Corsair Type-5 cables. (Product page at

Corsair SF-L (ATX 3.1)

Type-4 vs Type-5

Here is a photo comparing the connector sizes between Corsair Type-4 and Type-5 cables:

Type-4 vs Type-5

Updated on: 27/06/2024

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