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Honeywell PTM7950 vs PTM3180

Be caution! We have noticed that there are many places selling fake, mixed, or expired PTM7950.

Some of them are simply fake which it is not PTM at all.
Some of them are selling PTM3180 as PTM7950.
Some of them are mixed with other thermal paste.
Some of them are expired PTM7950 which shouldn't even be sold.
Some of them are selling 0.2mm thickness as 0.25mm (the optimal thickness for best performance).

Unfortunately, it is really hard for users to distinguish them. You will still see thermal improvements initially by comparing with a dry out paste. But the thermal performance will be extremely downgraded after a period of time if comparing it to the original new PTM7950.

By using a genuine and optimal PTM7950, its performance will keep improving (after PTM cycles) and be maintained for many years. You will never need to re-paste it throughout the lifetime of the hardware.

Honeywell PTM7950 vs PTM3180

Honeywell Thermal Interface Solutions: "PTM7950 is only available in 0.25mm thickness"

Updated on: 31/05/2023

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