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How to turn off web browser push notifications?

By default, Chrome alerts you whenever a website, app, or extension wants to send you notifications. You can change this setting at any time.

You can allow or block permissions for a specific site. The site will use its settings instead of the default settings.


On your computer, open Chrome .

Go to a website.

To the left of the web address, click the icon you see: Lock Lock.

Click Site settings.

Change a permission setting. Your changes will automatically save.


On your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app Chrome.

Go to a website.

To the right of the address bar, tap More > Info.

Tap Site settings.

To make a change, under "Permissions," tap a setting. If you don't see a "Permissions" section, the site doesn't have any specific permissions.

iPhone & iPad

On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app Chrome.

At the top right, tap More > Settings.

Under "Advanced," tap Content Settings.

Tap the permission you want to update.

Updated on: 22/01/2019

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