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What is the problem with bending 12VHPWR cable?

The main problem with bending a 12VHPWR cable is when it is a uni-sleeved 12VHPWR cable (a big sleeving and heatshrink wrapping all wires together).

When you bend this type of cable which is so stiff and hard to bend, the top row of the wires will receive huge pressure and create bad contact, or the pin may even be pulled out. You can never bend this type of cable safely.

From below photos, you can see and imagine that the top row of wires is taking all the pressure when bending a cable like this. The more you bend the cable, the more force of pulling it out will be applied to the top row of wires.

But if it is an individually sleeved cable, each wire is very soft and extremely flexible. You don't need to use any force at all to bend the cable, and the top row of wires won't receive a huge pressure either when you bend the cable.

Another key point is to make sure the 12VHPWR connector is FULLY inserted.

For reference, the 12VHPWR report from PCI-SIG is also using a uni-sleeved cable and the melting pin is at the top row too. Also, all the incidents reported so far are related to uni-sleeved cables only.

Updated on: 26/10/2022

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