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Cooler Master V SFX New vs Old Versions

There are two different versions of V850 SFX. Although they are both called V850, but they are using different modular connectors and cables for the "HDD/SATA" port.

Both new (ATX 3.0) and old (ATX 2.0) versions use the same cables and pinout for the 18+10pin main power port, and 8pin PCIE/CPU ports. So, 24pin and 8pin cables are compatible with both versions.

But the old version (ATX 2.0) uses 5-pin ports for HDD/SATA. The new version (ATX 3.0) users 6-pin ports for HDD/SATA and it comes with a 12VHPWR port.

Cooler Master V SFX (NEW) ATX 3.0

Cooler Master V SFX (OLD) ATX 2.0

Updated on: 18/05/2024

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