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But since our premium 12VHPWR cables are extremely soft and flexible (unlike other stiff cables and adapters), you can bend and route the cable to any directions easily without using any force at all. The cable wires will curve and bend naturally by themselves.

It may take even smaller space by just using our cables directly. Having a big plastic housing on an angled adapter won't actually save any space.

Furthermore, based on the igor'sLAB study, you will still face the same risk/issue by connecting an angled adapter with the 12VHPWR Nvidia adapter.

Adding an adapter to another adapter to another adapter is simply not a good solution to solve the problem. You are adding yet another 10s of contact points within a cable for no reason, which may end up being another possible point of failure due to bad contact. These 10s of joints within a cable shouldn't even exist in the first place, and they are completely unnecessary.

Instead, just use a simple elegant perfect length direct cable is always recommended!

(Source: Reddit)

(Source: Reddit)

configured with 600w full power each, the corner / bend of the cable happens easily just from gravity. Cables (without sleeving) feel (compared to sleeving) light as hair and just as flexible. No stress on the 4090 sockets.
(Source: [H]ardForum)

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