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What is the length of wire, sleeve, tubing?

For electrical wires, cable sleeving, tubing, and heatshrink:

1 unit = 1 foot (30cm)

e.g. if you buy 100 units of wire, you will receive a 100ft (30m) long wire. You can cut it into any lengths you want.

We also have pre-cut / multi-color heatshrink sets at:

Premium Heatshrink Multi-Color Mega Pack ( Φ1 ~ Φ20, 180ft, 6 Colors)

Premium Multi-Size Heat Shrinkable Tube Box Set (385 Pieces)

and pre-made individually sleeved cable wires in different colors at:

Pre-made 18AWG Sleeved Electrical Wire

Updated on: 08/11/2017

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