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Are your 12VHPWR terminals Single or Double Split/Seam?

We are using top quality single split/seam premium high-current 4-String 12VHPWR terminals. This terminal is the best possible 12VHPWR terminals in the world at this moment.

This design makes the male connector much more resilient to weakening contact from pull forces arising from cable bending. The resulting connector would offer superior structural integrity of the connection.

We have sold tens of thousands of our 12VHPWR 16-pin cables and adapters, and there is no melting incident whatsoever, ZERO. This can prove the point that using top-quality materials and parts is always the key to make 12VHPWR products safe and reliable.

Our 12VHPWR cables are also using the best possible quality of connectors and wires.

Recently, there are some discussions in Reddit about why Nvidia adapters (and AIBs using the same adapters) are using the weaker terminals with double splits/seams, which may be a possible cause of the recent adapter incidents.

Why is Nvidia using a non-OEM, weaker terminal with double splits/seams for their 12VHPWR adapters?

PSA: You can re-terminate your Nvidia 4090 adapter cables with better quality ones that are much less likely to catch fire/melt

NVIDIA !? What's WRONG With Your RTX 4090 Adapter?

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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