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Why your 12VHPWR cables are softer and more flexible than other cables?

It is because we are using the premium ultra-soft silicone wires. Our 12VHPWR cables are also using the best possible quality of terminals and connectors.

It is a more premium and higher quality type of wires comparing to regular wires. It is extremely soft and flexible which will curve and bend naturally by itself, and it can also handle high temperature better. For general electrical wires, the max operation temperature is around 80°C only. For premium ultra-soft silicone wires, the max operation temperature is around 200°C.

Although ultra-soft silicone wire is always a better choice for power cables in every angle, but it costs more than 2 times of regular cable wires. This is why most companies and the original PSU cables are always using regular wires only.

We have sold tens of thousands of our 12VHPWR 16-pin cables and adapters, and there is no melting incident whatsoever, ZERO. This can prove the point that using top-quality materials and parts is always the key to make 12VHPWR products safe and reliable.

Showcase - MODDIY Ultra-Soft Silicone Wire Cables

(Source: Reddit)

(Source: Reddit)

configured with 600w full power each, the corner / bend of the cable happens easily just from gravity. Cables (without sleeving) feel (compared to sleeving) light as hair and just as flexible. No stress on the 4090 sockets.
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Updated on: 28/11/2023

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