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Do I need to worry about bending your 12VHPWR cable?

Our 12VHPWR cables are made with top-quality ultra-soft silicone wires, it will just curve naturally by itself. You don't even need to bend it.

We have sold tens of thousands of our 12VHPWR 16-pin cables and adapters, and there is no melting incident whatsoever, ZERO. This can prove the point that using top-quality materials and parts is always the key to make 12VHPWR products safe and reliable.

(Source: Reddit)

(Source: Reddit)

configured with 600w full power each, the corner / bend of the cable happens easily just from gravity. Cables (without sleeving) feel (compared to sleeving) light as hair and just as flexible. No stress on the 4090 sockets.
(Source: [H]ardForum)

Updated on: 08/06/2023

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