YES, there are 12 dedicated power wires for our 12VHPWR cable!

One top-quality high-current dedicated power wire for each terminal to the 12VHPWR connector. The high-current terminals we used in our 12VHPWR cables are the best possible quality in the world at this moment.

Each terminal is crimped onto each wire individually, using the proper and standard power wire crimping method.

There is NO bridging, NO splitting, NO sharing, NO soldering, NO wrapping, NO heatshrink, NO double-seam terminal, NO cable-joint, NO cable-tie, NO adapter, NO extension, NO cable-shroud (our senses wires are also sleeved) for MODDIY 12VHPWR cables.

Just a clean, elegant, safe, and easy-to-use 12VHPWR cable from PSU to GPU directly!

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