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What is the best practice of choosing a 12VHPWR cable?

Direct cable (from PSU to GPU) is always the best, regardless of the connector type. This applies to the 12VHPWR cables as well as the traditional 8pin PCIE cables. Adapters and extension cables will always reduce the power delivery performance and add an extra possible point of failure. So, always use a direct cable if possible.

Buy a custom tailor-made 12VHPWR cable with perfect length for your setup. Unnecessary extra length of the cables will cause unnecessary bending and extra pressure to the connectors, and also affect power delivery performance. For example, if you need 30cm only, buy a 30cm long cable.

Original 12VHPWR Cable vs. MODDIY 12VHPWR Cable

Source: Reddit

If you are using an ATX 3.0 power supply with 12VHPWR ports, you should use a 12VHPWR to 12VHPWR cable.

Do not use a 12VHPWR cable with uni-sleeving (a big sleeving and heatshrink wrapping all wires together). When you bend this type of cable which is so stiff, the top row of the wires will receive huge pressure and create bad contact, or the pin may even be pulled out. You can never bend this type of cable safely.

Based on the igor'sLAB study, it is NOT recommended to use the Nvidia 12VHPWR adapter (some AIBs are using the same adapters).

Updated on: 06/12/2022

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