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MasterCard Payment Issue (2Checkout)

If you are using a MasterCard and trying to make a payment via 2Checkout for any of our products you might have come across a generic error “Failed to authorize”.

“Visa” card and “PayPal (MasterCard and Visa)” payments are not affected and are functioning normally.

The main cause of this issue is that 2Checkout (our payment gateway) is unable to process MasterCard payments since 29th April 2021. Initially they said they are working on it and will try to resolve the issue asap but they were unable to provide a definite timeline. Even today they have the same answer they are working but are not sure when this issue will be resolved.

If you are facing this issue and unable to make payment to us please Tweet @2Checkout and report the issue so they get an idea on the number of users facing this issue.

How can I make the payment ?

If you are using a Visa card, no action needed you can make the payment from the Client area as Visa cards are not affected.

If you want to pay with a PayPal account, no action needed you can make the payment by selecting the PayPal option from the Invoice as PayPal is not affected.

If you are using a MasterCard, you can choose the “PayPal” option and then you will see a Guest Checkout option “Pay with Credit or Debit Card” (screenshot attached below). Using this option you can make the payment with your MasterCard or Visa without creating a PayPal account.

If you face any issues you can contact our support team anytime via Live Chat or

We are trying to register with another payment gateway but the integration and adding it might take some time.

We will keep you updated on further developments on this case.

Updated on: 06/06/2021

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