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What is Check out with PayPal?

Check out with PayPal (formerly known as PayPal Express Checkout) allows customers to pay with debit and credit cards from their personal PayPal accounts. Customers are redirected to the PayPal website to securely finish payment information, then are returned to the store website to complete the purchase.

The benefit of this checkout flow is that customers can complete the checkout and payment with a few clicks, without inputting their payment and shipping info as they are already available in their PayPal accounts.

PayPal Checkout Workflow

Why I am redirected back to your website from PayPal?
Sometimes, we receive customer inquires about why they are redirected back to the checkout page after confirming payment in the PayPal site.
This is actually normal and by design of PayPal (as shown in the above workflow). This checkout flow allows you to review the order details before completing the checkout.

Why I am charged before completing the checkout?
Another common confusion is that customers thought they were charged before completing the checkout. Actually, it is not. When you are redirected to the PayPal site, PayPal will ask you to authorize the payment. The payment is not captured/charged by PayPal, but only put on hold. The payment will only the captured after you completed the checkout and placed the order.
After you have paid, you will definitely receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal. If you have not received that email, you have not paid yet. Probably you have authorized the payment but didn't complete the checkout process yet.

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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